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My Sister’s Closet is a creative arts collaborative platform within the Ooh So Sisterly brand. Ooh So Sisterly seeks to create a space for women to feel empowered, uplifted – to see themselves in the highest regard! The foundation of Ooh So Sisterly is grounded in storytelling through artistic expression that inspires women across the world to share their truths. My Sister’s Closet is dedicated to creating artistic imagery that promotes a healthy representation of women – especially women of color. The platform connects and collaborates with primarily female artists (i.e. designers, MUA’s, photographers, videographers, stylists, illustrators, and poets) located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.


To build a community of female artists with a shared passion for storytelling, and create timeless content empowering women of all ages, while investing and influencing the local arts community.

Impact to Arts Community

The parent company, Ooh So Sisterly LLC., manages all fees associated with My Sister’s Closet Project including, but not limited to: artist fees, operational expenses, project development, administrative fees, etc. Our project range from $1000-$2500, depending upon the size of the project. Ooh So Sisterly collaborates with at least eight artists per project.

Meet the Founder

Morgan Elle Williams, founder of Ooh So Sisterly, is a native of St. Louis, MO and is a hallmark card in human form! She is colorful, unique, and warm, with a spirit that thrives upon empowering and inspiring those around her. In 2018, during a period of transformation and healing, she began to rediscover her love for writing. While doing so, she found it to be therapeutic and often attributes much of the woman that she has become to the revelations found within her writing. One of those revelations, which she believes came from God, was the importance of sharing her creative work. At this point in her life, Morgan’s writing had evolved into storytelling in various forms – photography, poetry, videography, and music. Her heart was leading her swiftly towards something greater than she ever imagined – Ooh So Sisterly! Today, Morgan leads various digital platforms, creative projects, and designs artistic merchandise that empowers women across the world!