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Forever Brewster

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I think / I know / what happened
I think / what happened(?) / (me too)

I think / it / too /
I think it / too / difficult to put to words

I think / I rather / be / anything / (else)
any(where) else / just tell me

what’s next now
I can’t / help / but think

who’s next / (now?)

We’ve gathered our withering skin
All it’s folds and past lives

Tucked them neatly in our pocketbooks
like loose change waiting to show up

to be helpful at the right moments
a quarter here and there to feed the meter

a quarter of here and there to remind you
that people still find value in things

just not in Black women

This shoot reimagines the iconic movie “Women of Brewster’s Place” which explores various topics around race, sexuality, motherhood, grief, and class. My goal for this shoot is to highlight the realities of sisterhood, which can oftentimes show both the good and the bad within the dynamics of women. Ooh So Sisterly believes in unity amongst women, while also realizing that sisterhood is never something that happens overnight. We celebrate the nine women within the iconic film, Women of Brewster’s Place, and reflect on their experiences, the lessons that came along with them, and how it ultimately brought them together!


Creative Director – Morgan Williams @_ivyouslyelle_
Wardrobe Stylist – Stephany Smith @willowpiperlu
Artistic Director – Pierre McCleary @mcclearypierre
Photographer – Myrina Otey @renaissancetjs
Videographer – Jamar Pinkston @thatguychurch

Ali Ingram as “Lorraine” @allechula
Aaris Washington as “Cora Lee” @_princesskisses
Lena Jackson as “Matte” @msjaxonluv
Caressa Davis as “Miss Sophie” @plainlycjane
Morgan Williams as “Mrs Browne” @_ivyouslyelle_
Stephany Smith as “Kiswana” @willowpiperlu
Tishira Echols as “Luciela” @pearlfectfix
Kandis Myton as “Teresa” @kandismyton
Chi Anderson as” Etta Mae” @chi!themodel

Danielle P. Williams
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