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Golden, melanated skin glistening;
The rays from the sun bouncing a reflection
Of confidence.
A noticeable aura of aesthetics beaming,
It is evident.
She is the light,
Radiant and free.
Mother of all things,
She is a zing.
Aware. Awake. Amazing.
Heart of pure gold;
For hers, she’ll do anything.
A protector, care giver, provider, healer.
She is the source of all waters,
Giving life through the vibrant waves of
The seas, the lakes, the oceans, the rivers;
The Fountain.
She encourages and inspires all to drink,
Fulfilling their absolute best selves.
Raw imperfection, naked, and true.
Her authentic presence
Majestic and blue.
Cool, calming, creative, intelligent.
Remarkable and naturally intuitive.
A goddess.
She gives hope to the darkness,
Optimistic and faithful.
Carrying herself with great grace,
Believing she is capable.
To conquer all.
To become all.
A perfectly crafted, unique and beautiful jewel.
She is Yemaya, an Orisha.
She lives within all of you.

While Waterfall and Yemeya both highlight popular goddesses, in the Yoruba religion, Ooh So Sisterly used this deity, to certain cultures, merely as a platform for women to see themselves in the highest regard and what/who they have the potential to be! When a woman is walking in confidence and understands her power that lies within, she opens the doors to possibilities. Ooh So Sisterly uses this popular figure, as a channel to deliver this message of power in every woman!

Photography – Kimberly Schroeder, STL
Makeup – Joy Loveless Makeup Artistry, STL and Chamecia Liddell, STL
Wardrobe Designers – Morgan Williams
Featured Artist – Tielere Cheatem, STL

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